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PhotoCreative Complete Course Online

PhotoCreative Complete Course Online

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What to expect in this course
All of the classes here at PhotoCreative come with gorgeous video instruction, broken down into project-based lessons and individual tasks within each lesson. 
After each lesson, you will have a photo project to complete that reviews what you learned in the lesson + a creative way to use your photos. This bite-sized approach makes it easy to understand, and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in this course!
  • Includes 20 lessons. Each 45 minutes-1 hour long
  • This course is delivered in our online classroom and includes 1 month of support and project feedback. You will have 2 years of access to our course classroom!
In this complete course, I'll show you how to:
  • Set up Photoshop Elements for creating your photo masterpieces
  • Organize, tag and catalog your photos (so that you finally know where all your photos are and can actually do something with them!)
  • Open, create new, save and close documents
  • Create a digital layout using a Quickpage (the fastest way to get a gorgeous design done)
  • Create a basic slideshow with music (yes even with music!)
  • Use the Type tool to add single lines and paragraphs of text (and some cool text effects)
  • Create various types of selections and clipping masks to target specific parts of your pictures
  • Resize, rotate and duplicate your photos
  • Create, adjust and apply brushes
  • Explore the content panel and its amazing assortment of built-in backgrounds, frames, and graphics
  • Use layer masks to smoothly blend several photos together (just the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn about creating an awesome professional collage)
  • Create amazing frames with layers masks, filters, selections, and brushes (unlimited amount of options and fun)
  • Use adjustment layers to correct an image without affecting the original image (oh and decide which exact part of your photos to adjust)
  • Adjust the lightness or darkness of a photo with the dodge and burn tools (bring the details out of the shadows)
  • Adjust image saturation with the sponge tool (make that color pop!)
  • Sharpen your images with the unsharp mask filter (is your image blurry?)
  • Replace colors in your photos (you know when one kid is wearing the wrong color?)
  • Convert to a black and white image (leave some parts in color for a really cool effect)
  • Create a sepia tone image
  • Save, prepare and print your photocreations
  • And much more!

    How will I get access to the course?

    Once you purchase the course, you will get your course login details in a separate email.

    Do I need internet access to take the course?

    Yes, the course is given in our online classroom

    Is there a specific time I need to join?

    Good news, you can sign up whenever it works for you--and watch the course when it works for YOU!

    What is included in the course?

    Super clear teaching videos, lesson files, and custom templates

    For how long do I have I access to the course?

    2 years

    Is there any software I need to purchase?

    Yes, you need to purchase Photoshop Elements 2018. You can purchase it here.

    Will this course work with Photoshop?

    Not really. There are many tools in Photoshop Elements that are not in Photoshop. There is some overlap though.




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